Nickname miguel (miguel)
Nationality United Arab Emirates
Country of Residence United States
City Delaware
Wanted marriage Multiple , Mesyar , Normal ,
The last login was in Before 3 Months ( 01/11/2019 )
28 Year
Personal Info
Age 28 Year
Length 160 cm
Weight 85 Kg
Hair type أصلع قليلا
Hair Color Red
Eyes color Gray
Skin Color Dark corny
Health status Not healthy
Religiosity Not care
Commitment to prayer Commitment
Beard Yes
Smoking Not Smoker
Listen to songs Yes Listen
Study and work
Education Uneducated
Work field Construction and building
Financial status More than average
Yearly Income Less than $ 25,000.
Marital status
Preferred marriage type Multiple , Mesyar , Normal ,
My marriage will be Third marriage
Marital status Married
Number of children you have None
Do you want to have children? No
I want my wife/husbend to be
miguel Santana

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